Just thinking

I started this blog because I am curious about a lot of thing. I would like to try and find out about life and death. I also have a love of my country and do not want to see her hurt anymore. I am a poet and a song writer, sometimes the words just start flowing. I plan on using this blog space to let my words flow, I hope you enjoy what I have to say and that it might start you thinking also.

Are You Ready

We know God speaks through the Bible when the end is near
We also know if you are not ready there’s a lot to fear
The Bible talks of Armageddon and events leading to it
I pray you are not here around this fiery pit

I am feeling at the most we have all but ten years
I think the next three and a half will justify my fears
We have given away this great country piece by piece
And this is where the beast will come to feast

I know some people will say is this man crazy
I think keeping God in this country we’ve become a little lazy
Hopefully the Rapture will be before the tribulation
One thing for sure it will be the end of creation

There are so many things to talk about during this despair
The Lord has giving us time no question he was fair
I don’t even want to imagine being left behind
The worst destruction and pain you will never find

I could write about these truths just about every day
In hopes that you who are not sure may find your way
I fear the next generation will not have the time we had
So if we do not pass the word it really could be bad

Every Monday morning for thirty years I have talked to the Lord
The great conservations we have I never get bored
Raise your eyes to the sky and say Lord I believe in you
Everything I do from now on will include God to

By Tim Willhite Sr.


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